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By: Jannet Carrera, Senior Editor of The Heart of Dance

First Things First [Real-Life]

Have you ever felt a need for a new experience? have you ever felt discouraged to take a dance class? have you ever been in a situation that you had to downplay your success? have you ever experienced feeling like you’re not good enough? have you ever stopped yourself from pursuing a path you really wanted? the list goes on forever. right? Above all I am here to remind you to make sure you continue experiencing and creating your own story. Don’t be afraid to feel the love, pain, and beauty of life. First, embrace change and be open to possibilities by doing something that you don’t normally do. Secondly, if you find yourself seeing crisis; see it as an opportunity for growth. Lastly, I hope you dance.

What is Psych of Dance?

You might be asking yourself what is Psych of Dancewell I am welcoming you to an exclusive first-look into a mind, body, soul therapeutic program for the human spirit. Psych of Dance is dedicated to changing lives. Focused on individual feedback to learn, experiment, perform, release and thrive. As a result, it will transform you from the way you think to the way you express yourself through movement. Intensive group discussions and improvisations are placed in the program in order to explore aspects of true authenticity. My passion for psychology and dance is what inspired me to merge both worlds in this life changing program.

Tell me more…

Many don’t know this about me but I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. The first week I started my Masters Program in Psychology, I dropped out. That is to say to pursue dance, singing, commercial modeling, and everything in between. In addition, I always loved performing. I did it growing up with my cousins at our family celebrations. We would choreograph, direct showcases, rehearse, styled each other and so much more. I loved seeing the joy and smiles on our family faces. As a result, I always felt this sense of complete bliss when performing. I lost myself. Therefore, I had to learn to trust the path and embrace life challenges as both blessings and lessons. I had this urge to connect with a power greater than me. I wanted to make a difference through the work I did.

Hey Siri define Psychology?

The scientific study of the human mind and its functions especially those affecting behavior in a given context. Why is psychology important you might ask? well I believe is the root of understanding the human mind. I believe learning psychology, allows us to understand more about how the body and mind work together. Essentially, learning psychology helps us in large part because it can explain why people act the way they do. In addition learning the different areas of Psychology can help you gain a richer understanding of life itself. I was always intrigued with the human mind. I felt a need to learn to understand people. My instinct was always to enrich, inspire and empower those around me. Therefore educating myself to the best of my ability has been a non stop learning journey. Its my fulfilling purpose in life.

Hey Siri what are the benefits of Dancing?

Dancing allows you to express yourself and have fun. There’s something about dancing and music that always seems to help you take all of your cares away. Wether its your favorite song playing on your playlist. Maybe its the song that gets you going to the gym. Or perhaps the challenging dance moves in dance class that you enjoy learning. Regardless of your reasons, research shows dancing can improve your mental health by boosting your overall happiness. That is to say, it also improves your mood, lowers your stress, anxiety and a form of depression reduction. The physical, emotional and mental health benefits of dancing are endless. Dance changes you. It really does transform you instantly. Dance requires you to trust yourself and when you do that. You’ll see…

In my DNA…

I had a moment y’all when my creativity was awaken. That moment that not only gave me more meaning to my career but it completely took over me to trust the process and really learn the dance of life. The feeling that woke up inside me felt like an auto body experience. Psych Of Dance was imprinted in my heart from then on. Literally my whole life flashed right through my eyes. I was completely in shock when it happened. I knew at that very moment, I had to relentlessly make this program not only life changing but it needed to serve a higher purpose to anyone and everyone. Ive always felt instantly empathetic to peoples feelings and searching to find ways to help. Therefore it has been a non stop awakening to a new season in my life.

Why do you call it Psych of Dance…

Because when it came to me, it was during a very difficult time. I felt overwhelmed, confused and I was stuck in rut creatively. I was going through emotional and physical pain. That is to say I felt I was going crazy y’all. Mind you, for the past ten years I’ve been practicing and applying gratitude/ journaling so religiously that its been one of my coping mechanisms in my life. Therefore, to know that my morning meditation exercises weren’t helping, I knew something was wrong. I took a step back, let myself feel the funk. I had to pay attention and analyze the problem of my feelings. After that, I decided to then dance it out to express, get lost and escape my reality for awhile or whatever emotion that was draining Jannet away.

As a result, I began to do some research. The scientific research and information I kept finding about the benefits of dance and psychology of the mind were endless. In a 2013 article “Dance Psychology” Dr. Peter Lovatt states that “In my lab I have carried out studies into the effects of different types of dancing. What I found is that different forms of dancing can help people solve different types of problems.” Dance, music and re-learning the study of Psychology not only led me to develop more self awareness. It dared me to embark a journey inward in order to create a program that represents everything I’ve learned along my journey for many years.

Take a closer look…

From experience, training our awareness requires so much discipline, commitment, and patience. But none of us should have to do it alone. When we commit to a journey inward, we begin to know ourselves better. I BELIEVE we each have something unique to offer that is uniquely ours. I created Psych of Dance to help us become so in tune with our own natural creative flow we become unstoppable.

“What is Dance Psychology” writes the remarkable Dance Psychologist Peter Lovatt in Dance Psychology, ” Dance/ Movement therapy is defined, according to the Dance Therapy Association website, as “the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical interaction of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being” ( p. 19) Therefore, my friends I will not stop creating and building for a higher purpose. How can I stop when research and studies have shown us day in and day out how dance & psychology can improve our lifestyle.

Where do I sign up?

Are you ready to welcome the year of 2020 with a flow of positive vibes?

Are you ready to take your mind, body & soul experience to the next level?

Are you ready to claim your power for the year of 2020 & make it your best year yet?

Psych of Dance is a brand built for those who go as far as it takes to discover and transform their emotional, psychological, and spiritual state of being through therapeutic movement. Connect with me personally by clicking PSYCH OF DANCE to learn more about the program. Limited space available, the first 15 students to sign up will receive one FREE 1:1 dance session!!! The launch will take place on JANUARY 11, 2020 in Irvine, California.

Before I go and dance, I would love to share some daily mantras. Cool. Say it with me:


Dancing is more than just moving body parts; it is a pathway of expressing your deepest inner thoughts.

-Normani Kordei

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