Letter from the Editor-In-Chief

By: Rēine Godard, Editor-In-Chief

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The Code of Style magazine is a good-read tailored to match every reading taste. We create unique content for our readers, deliberately digging out the code to what life is about and helping people live their best. In all issues, we pick a particular topic and try to uncover what it truly depicts. These topics cuts across the areas of lifestyle and entertainment, generally. We emphasize the positive and human aspects of adapting to a new way of life. In creating our debut issue of the Code of Style, we are bringing fresh thinking, more diverse, and inclusive approach. As the Editor-in-chief of this prestigious magazine, I love to share my passion for writing and reading with you, life enthusiasts and avid learners. 

After a successful launch of our first issue in October, I am excited to share with you our November issue loaded with rich and irresistible contents including, “mental health, recognizing top influencers, modern day dating advice, plan your holiday travels await you.” This issue we would like to focus on mental health and inspire to live a good life by delivering good reads. This month, we desire to quench your reading appetite with these carefully selected topics.

In addition to the growth of our base, we feature rising talents to share their experiences and boost their fan appeal: this month’s cover star, Abla Sofy, model, actress, influencer. Read more on her success from being a billboard Guess model and how she rises above from the pressures of the industry and her most significant challenges. I believe that the articles in this issue showcase a broader perspective of life genuinely. It is informative as well as engaging giving our reviewers a more comprehensive view of life capturing the essence of our motto, “We believe Good Reads, lead to a Good Life!”. I hope that with every issue, we can create a place to foster empowerment get inspired, raise awareness, and find opportunities to better themselves and their communities. I believe that there is something for everyone in this issue and we hope you find this more engaging than our debut release.

 So weʼve given you a platform to develop yourself, wouldnʼt you like to tell us what you think? What do you like and what is missing? Get in touch with us, and we’ll see how to deliver better in our forthcoming issues.

Good Reads, lead to a Good Life - start today Good and pick up our magazine!

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Letter from the Editor-In-Chief