The Heart of Dance

By: Jannet Carrera, Senior Editor of The Heart of Dance

First Things First…[Real-Life]

Have you ever felt discouraged walking into a dance class? have you ever stopped yourself from signing up to a dance class in fear of not being able to keep up? yeah, so have I. That exact feeling happens to me every time I walk into a beginner ballet or contemporary class (mind you I teach Hip-Hop & Latin genre classes) and if you saw me in that class you would think I had no dance experience! I’m literally laughing out loud writing this because it brings me an instant flashback; on the simple fact that I need more practice in those classes. As a professional dance choreographer to sum up, I love to train in other class settings that help me with my creativity, conditioning, and that challenge my body and mind. In short, dance is a universal language therefore the room for growth & learning opportunities are limitless.

Throw it back [Watch Me]

I still remember walking into one of the most prestige dance companies in Los Angeles; when I discovered my passion for dance. I never knew the feeling of sweaty palms until that day. And, I wasn’t competing or auditioning for anything. I was simply taking a dance class for fun. However, the adrenaline I felt was confusing to me; I was excited, nervous, & scared. With a headache and all, I walked into the dance studio and felt my heart pumping so fast, but as soon as I started learning the choreography, I lost myself through the music, connecting every part of my body to the beat, I forgot about everything including the doubts & fears, they disappeared. I felt inspired. Dance became my hero, it saved me from myself. Above all, this is how the love and passion for dance started.

Hey Siri, define Dance?

According to Siri dance (of a person) means to move in a quick and lively way. Interesting right? quick and alive; in my language it means “move your body quick & dance while you’re alive” so you might ask yourself why dance? wether you are a professional dancer or not; dance brings instant joy. The beauty of dance is simply letting go, it allows us to unite our body, mind and spirit. In other words imagine hearing your favorite verse of a song, you immediately start moving, that my friends is dancing. Yup, a simple movement of the hips, bobbing your head, snapping your fingers, moving your shoulders, grabbing whatever you see near you and acting like its a microphone singing your heart out (priceless) let me tell ya’ll something dancing is one of the most natural things your body was born to do. Stop fighting it. Just dance.

Whats the Point of Dancing?

Instant freedom of expression. Why would anyone want to fight against that feeling? why would anyone want to restrain their body to move? do not fight the miracle of life; as human beings we need emotions to connect us with our spiritual self. Our emotions generate a feeling we need, emotions to comprehend the non-physical. Trust your feelings no matter what they are. Allow yourself to feel. The beauty of dance awakens a part of you and it will breakthrough any emotion you might be feeling at the moment. In conclusion, I believe dance doesn’t just allow us to connect with ourselves, however. Dance also gives us a chance to connect with the world it brings people together from different cultures, religions, ages, sexes, languages… yet, being so different dance allows us to come together.

Whats in it for Me?

Well you’re in luck, dance improves your mood instantly. It releases dopamine and serotonin. Above all, not only does it improve your heart rate, but your thinking and creativity become enhanced. Therefore I encourage ya’ll to dance with your loved one on your living room floor, dance while cooking dinner it will give it more flavor, dance with your kids because they are fearless, dance in a classroom setting because everyone in that room enjoys the same thing you do. Dance at your family celebrations because that is were the best memories are created. I hope you dance when the whole world is watching because YOU matter. In conclusion, dance for you. because you can.

“the things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling.” – Fabienne Fredrickson

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The Heart of Dance