Oui Oui – Sex in Pari

By: Yoni, Senior Editor of Dear BFF

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Dear BFF,

I recently had the pleasure of traveling to Paris and what do ya know? Just as they say, it’s a city of love, or may I say satisfaction. Although this was a quick trip full of food, fashion, fun, and very handsome men, on my last night I found myself leaving a spa at 4:30 am. Leaving with an experience I’ll never forget.  

You might be asking yourself what kind of spa is open until 4:30 am. Ok, let’s rewind! On my last evening in Paris, my friend Tiffany and I stopped by a black fashion experience featuring stunning pieces from black designers. One being the talented and beautiful designer and producer Adama Paris. Following the fashion show, Tiffany and I casually sipped on a few glasses of wine and decided to head out with new friends, Brittany and John, who we just met to head to a lounge.  Yes, we picked up new friends at a snap of a finger, which is usually the start of a great night. Put your judgments away. Especially since things get even more interesting from here.

Just before leaving for the club, John, a handsome, hip, and seasoned 40+-year-old Parisian mentions experiencing oral pain and requested to stop at his place so he could medicate before continuing the evening. I did a quick internal prayer asking God to protect me from being a version of the girl from the Taken movie, and next thing you know we were in an Uber… to a stranger’s apartment… in an unknown area of Paris. Baby Jesus, please don’t take me tonight was what I repeated during the half an hour ride to his home. 

We arrived at the apartment and my initial observation was how clean the place was – serial killer clean. Baby Jesus – please keep my prayer in mind – I have so much more life to live! Over the next hour or two we pre-gamed, Tiffany and Brittany enjoyed skinny cigarettes and John attended to his tooth. Brittany plays with the idea of visiting a spa. Mind you, it’s definitely 12:30 am, and also – awkward much? Who wants to get massages at this hour with people they just met? *Insert head-scratching emoji*

In no time Brittany explained that this spa was not going to grant you your typical massage – unless that’s what you want. Okay – you have my attention! She subtly expressed that the spa is a sexual experience, but you don’t have to participate in anything that you don’t desire. I can’t help but be curious after someone says that – my dog ears were standing at attention. It didn’t take much convincing and a few moments later the gang was on the way to the spa. 

We were in the Pigalle district, a former red-light district infamously known for strip clubs and sex shops. walked into Moon City, an adult entertainment spa, and nothing could have prepared her for what was next. After paying the entrance fee we made our way to undress in the co-ed locker room. All patrons were provided a towel, sarong, and a bracelet with a small pouch for the keys for our lockers. Everyone undressed and put on their sarongs. I will admit this made me feel a bit uncomfortable and took a lot of time to warm up to the idea. Though I’ve been in American spas where I was nude, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into which was very unnerving. Eventually, I placed my faith in Baby Jesus, tied my sarong as tight as I could and we made our way into the spa.

The first room we entered looked like a typical lounge. There was a long bar against the wall, couches, tables and festive music. Imagine your typical club – just with men and women barefoot in sarongs. After a couple of drinks, we head to the area with the jacuzzi. Everyone undressed and hopped in the jacuzzi completely nude. Though being nude in a jacuzzi with roughly 20 people isn’t necessarily my cup of tea, neither is provoking my ph balance so I spectated from the outside looking in. Phones were prohibited beyond the locker room, so I was a bit bored while waiting for the rest of the group. A couple of men came by to engage in banter, but considering my nerves I kept things short. 

Finally, the group exits the jacuzzi, freshened up, and we continued roaming through the spa. There were saunas and steam rooms, and benches to relax. It wasn’t a couple’s night at the spa, but there were many couples who were looking for a great night. Continuing to explore we notice many rooms with small windows for those outside the room to peek in and explore what was happening in the room. At that moment is when I realized exactly what type of “spa” we were experiencing. It was an environment where couples looking to spice up their relationship with other couples or maybe just one additional person would explore. After speaking to one young lady, sometimes she visits the spa with her significant other and she will enjoy other patrons while her partner watches with appreciation without joining in on the fun. 

We continued on our path. In a couple of hundred feet, the unexpected happened. We saw an open room that didn’t have doors with many people appearing to be gazing at something intriguing. As we get closer I can hear what’s going on before I can see it. We hear moans from several voices. We approach the scene and we notice a large cushioned bed with a woman on each side. Each being caressed by a man while having sex with another. I had to blink a few times to completely process what was happening – live sex in front of my face. The men were very sensual while being sexual, and both used protection. It was interesting to share this intimate act with approximately eight other patrons. Everyone in awe – both men and women. I heard the chatter of interest. The chatter of patrons hoping they could also experience the same with the women who we were all watching. Eventually, the women who were in the act orgasmed and both walked away with one of the men who were experiencing them.   

In awe, I went to the bar for a drink. While sipping my cocktail one of the women of the hour joined me. She was curious about me. She wondered what brought me to visit. She questioned if I would ever participate in an experience at the spa. She expressed that she is very sexual and often comes to the spa with her partner for new encounters with both men and women. She especially enjoys Moon City as the clientele is selective and the crowd tends to be attractive. I learned about her sexual freedom while she learned about how prude I tend to be. As with all good things, I looked at my watch and realized that it was 4:30 am and this night must too come to an end.  A few moments later I met up with my original group, changed into my clothes, and walked out of Moon City into the Pigalle streets as if nothing ever happened. What a night.


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