5 Spring Fashion Trends to buy in 2020

By Senior Style Editor, Julia Rees

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I know that for many of us it’s still cold and we’re layered up in countless sweaters and that the Fashion Weeks at the moment are all about Autumn/Winter 2020, but what about now? What are the Spring Fashion trends that are hitting the stores right now?  

The Spring/ Summer 2020 collections are starting to trickle into the stores, and I, for one, am excited to start to think about warmer weather and longer days. 

There’s no time like the present to get informed on what the must-have Spring Fashion trends are going to be. So, here’s my guide to the top 5 2020 Spring Fashion Trends that anyone can wear. From cool crochet to the new twist on suiting up, there is something here for everyone.

The top 5 2020 Spring Fashion Trends that anyone can wear.

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Not your grandmother’s crochet

I can remember my grandmother crocheting doilies to put under plates, cups, cookies and lots more household objects when I was a little girl, but it turns out that doilies aren’t the only thing crochet is good for, and it’s hitting the shops in a big way this Spring. 

Spring Fashion Trends
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As sustainability is coming to the forefront in the fashion industry a “trend” that  embraces grandmother’s hand-crafting techniques seems perfect, and you can find it in all sorts of designs from bralettes, beach cover ups, tops to ultra-feminine dresses and even suiting. 

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Neon is not going away and is pairing up with leather. 

Not only is 2020 the year of leather (and faux leather, of course!), but it’s also the year of the bright and colorful look and the two are paring up! Neon is  (and will continue to be) very trendy, but this season you will also find neon in a wide selection of leather goods, from hot pinks, to orange, bright green and vivid yellow leather skirts/ trousers and dresses. 

Of course, you will still find neon in all the other materials too from brightly colored tops, skirts, dresses and accessories; and if you don’t want to go ‘full on’ neon, these vibrant colors pair wonderfully with black, tan, camel and white and will definitely set you apart from the crowd. 

If you want a more subtle approach to incorporating neon into your look, then opt for a neon accessory instead.

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And, if you’re interested in finding out what the colours you wear are saying about you, you can download my free ‘Introduction to Colour Psychology here.

Suit Up— With a twist

2020 will still see a plethora of suits in the shops and on the streets, but this year, they will be suits ‘with a twist’. With the addition of waistcoats and vests  resulting in the return of three-piece suits, or Bermuda shorts for a more casual take on the business look, there is definitely a suit to suit (pun intended!) your style! 

Part nine-to-five, part laid-back Californian cool, the bermuda short trend is one to watch but wearing them in a corporate setting can be a little tricky, so I recommend sticking to dark colours and pairing them with a crisp shirt/ blazer. Another twist on the classic suit is bralettes under blazers, but more about this later! 

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Underwear as Outerwear 

This trend seems to have been around for a while, but in keeping with the ‘suit up’ trend, designers have introduced the bralette under blazer concept, enabling you to show off your midriff whilst still feeling covered up, and if you want to keep exposed flesh to a minimum, try pairing the bralette with high-waisted skirts, pants or bermudas! 

Spring Fashion Trends
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Some of the bralette tops are more like crop tops and whilst I wouldn’t recommend wearing it for the office, as a chic evening look it can look amazing with a high waisted skirt, and if you belt your blazer, it will be really discreet!  

And why not combine two trends in one, and choose a crocheted bralette, and if you want a more dressed-down discreet look, then you can layer it under your favorite cosy cardigan.  And of course, slip dresses are here to stay! 

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Polka dots

Many designers included this timeless trend in their Spring 2020 collections, and a number of ‘spotty’ creations were ‘spotted’ (haha!) on the NYFW runways, including designs by Elie Tahari, Michael Kors, Wes Gordon for Carolina Herrera, Adam Lippes, Tory Burch and Mark Jacobs, to name but a few!

polka dot trend
Source:  Unsplash

The polka Dot trend was brought to the forefront by Walt Disney’s leading lady, Minnie Mouse, and her iconic red polka dot dress! Since then, the print has gone from strength to strength, and it resurfaces every season, as it is stylish, versatile and makes a statement without being too ‘loud’. Have a look at this post about why the polka dot trend never fades!

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I hope you enjoyed this article on the Spring 2020 trends,  and if you’re looking for some more style inspiration, then have a look at  this post on how to dress like a Parisian 

I’m Julia, the Senior Style and Travel Editor and I can’t wait to share some more style inspiration with you again soon! 

Julia xo

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5 Spring Fashion Trends to buy in 2020