CASSIE SCERBO : Her Fight To Kick Bullying To The Curb

Interviewed by: Karina Safaoui, Cover Star Editor

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We would like to introduce our cover star, Cassie Scerbo. Cassie is a Hollywood actress and an advocate of several causes she strongly supports. We admire her strength and commitment but despite her tough exterior she shares warmth and thoughtfulness at the heart of her accomplishments. She will awe you with her vision and resilience. Take a read and get inspired!

Cassie Scerbo

You have historically been depicted as the ‘mean girl’ in your roles;  from Lauren Tanner on ‘Make it or Break it’ to Brooke in ‘Bring it On: In It To Win It’. Can you tell me about how these roles have impacted you and drawn you closer to the anti-bullying message?

Growing up I had dealt with everything from bullying, to stalking, to death threats. I was taught to speak up and to hold my head up high, in turn I used these negative experiences as my fuel to pursuit my dreams. It made me that much hungrier for success.When these dreams started turning into my reality and ironically I ended up playing the role of the bully, I realized not only how much destruction bullying can cause to the human spirit, but how most times the person who is doing the bullying is massively hurting. “Hurt people, hurt people.” It was then that I felt this dire need to open up this conversation. To break the silence. I wanted to teach those hurting that they’re not alone and that help is always available, and to teach those being bullied that they’re also not alone, that we’ve all dealt with different bouts of hatred, adversity, and that there is always a way to turn negative scenarios into positive ones. It’s all about perspective. 

Is it challenging to separate yourself from the pressures and negativity that can be brought on by social media?

Absolutely. I believe that with all large and influential platforms there are negative aspects as well as positive, the yin and the yang! Once again, everything is perspective. We can choose to use these platforms for positive reasons and to curate change for the better, or we can allow them to amplify our insecurities by comparing ourselves to others. I know that this is easier said than done so it definitely takes willpower. I’ve learned to remain grateful for all of my personal blessings and have recognized that social media is, for the most part, a highlight reel. 

I’ve talked with many influential people who are on social media who you’d think are the happiest people on Earth, living the most lavish lives. However, more times than less, this isn’t the case. They’re being paid by sponsors to create this visual or they’re simply doing it to help boost their self-esteem, relying on likes and visibility. None of this is truly fulfilling and I think we’re all starting to realize it. I’ve noticed more and more people expanding on their truth.. on mental illnesses, struggles and hardships. I think being honest and authentic is the most admirable thing one can be and I strive to be better at this every day.

Cassie Scerbo

2019 has been a turbulent year, what experiences have shaped you the most? 

I feel that every year has its ups and downs. This year I’ve had many groundbreaking moments and realizations both positive and negative. I’d say one of the main things that has shaped me as a human are my friends over at the Unleashe organization. You are much of who you surround yourself with and I am so inspired by all of the incredibly empowering work Unleashe does. I’ve truly found an amazing group of women whom I cherish and look up to. This year Unleashe teamed up with my organization, Boo2Bullying, and created a photo campaign shedding the labels others shame us with, or ones we perhaps plague ourselves with. The campaign turned into a world-wide success and I can’t wait to be a part of the Love Storm campaign they’re now starting with AnnaLynne McCord, fighting the unjust war against humanity that is sex trafficking.

Cassie Scerbo

The Code of Style is all about representing and empowering dynamic women everywhere; can you recall a particular moment this year that influenced your growth and evolution as a woman

Meditation! I recently attended a workshop called “The Soul Shift” and found myself in awe of the beautiful experience Destiny Rael and Colette Carlsson lead. I learned the importance of staying true to my foundation and what serves the deepest level of who I am as a person, in turn allowing me to better serve others. As a friend told me just yesterday, impact is the absolute best form of love. Being more aligned with my purpose and authentic self, allows me to better serve and connect with others. This is the woman I want to be. 

What is the best gift you have ever given someone?

If we’re talking materialistics, I once bought an ex a beautiful baby grand piano. However, I do my best to connect with people on the daily – strangers, students, people who reach out to me on social media and so forth. I truly feel I have talked multiple people out of serious forms of self-harm and depression, and to me that is the most gratifying feeling in the world. I love people. And it is an honor to connect with as many other beings as I can throughout the duration of my life. 

Any quirky holiday traditions you can’t imagine life without?

My family is quite unique! There’s always fun, quirky traditions in our family but most recently we ditched our annual cookie baking night for a pizza competition.. cookies are great and all but I mean.. PIZZA. Nothing like it. At least to us Italians.

So Cassie, are you on the naughty or nice list this year?

I think the nice list! .. but you’ll have to ask Santa to confirm 😉 lol  

What can you tell us that will surprise the readers?

As outgoing as I am, I’m a major homebody at heart. For my 29th birthday two of my best girl friends and I went to Vegas, and on the second day/night we didn’t even leave the hotel room! The trip was completely hooked up with so many wonderful accommodations I was so grateful for, but instead we ordered three different pizza deliveries – breakfast, lunch and dinner, and stayed in our pajamas watching movies…and it was my favorite part of the entire birthday weekend. I suffer pretty big time from social anxiety. I love to simply be in the comfort of my family, best friends and pajamas when I’m not working. For someone with a big personality it can come off quite shocking, the nerves that go through my body in an unfamiliar setting. Luckily, I’m good at pulling it off and I’m always grateful for any invitation, but especially when I’m at an event in LA, I take my pictures, say thank you to those who have invited me, and make my exit as soon as is proper. Home is truly where my heart is.

Are there any trends you want to see left behind in 2019? 

Janties! Look them up and let me know your thoughts! lol 

Cassie Scerbo

What are your hopes going into 2020?

Sky is the limit! I’ve recently decided to dabble between multiple fields as I love to continually expand on new ventures. My most recent endeavors consist of producing and my new podcast “Two and a Half Girls” with my best friends Laura Samuels and Brett Collins. I’m the type of person who needs multiple things on my plate in order to feel accomplished. I hope to see all of these new projects flourish as well as my forever love of the arts – acting, singing and dancing. And of course, all of my aspirations with philanthropy and activism. cheers to the roaring 20’s! Let’s do this!

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CASSIE SCERBO : Her Fight To Kick Bullying To The Curb