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Interviewed by: Elle Northalle Lee of The Code of Style Magazine

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We are honored to interview rising star, Kara Mae Royster! Kara Royster raised in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, Kara fell in love with acting and performing at the age of 5 after watching her older sister recite monologues over and over. At age 10, she began pursuing her passions while attending Bak Middle School of the Arts and later the Dreyfoos School of the Arts. Kara and her parents soon made plans to move the family to California where Kara could more actively pursue her dreams. She continued to study and train at the acclaimed Los Angeles County High School for the Arts majoring in Theatre. In addition to being an actress, Kara is a talented makeup artist whose credits include multiple photo shoots and music videos. Take a read and see what she is fighting for!

TCOS: Explain your acting career – how you got your start and what drives you to go on set time and time again?

It all started in West Palm Beach,Florida when I was about 6 years old. My older sister, Kristie, was auditioning for the local high school for the Arts and she decided to use me as her audience every day. Watching her work and grow into her character is what truly sparked my interest in acting. I started attending theatre classes and summer camps and eventually attended Bak middle school and Dreyfoos High school of the Arts. Like many actors, I had always dreamed of living in L.A and at the end of my freshman year, my extraordinarily supportive family and I made the move! I then finished my education at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, started auditioning, and the rest is history. I have had the incredible pleasure of working on such beloved shows as Supernatural, K.C Undercover and, of course, Pretty Little Liars.

TCOS: What does style mean to you and how do you like to portray yours?

Style to me is that element of creativity you have as a child when you play dress up. One of my favorite parts of working on a new project is going to the fitting to find the style of this new character and really bringing their personality to light. Iʼd like to describe my main style as feminine with an edge; lace and leather. Truly for me, style is a reflection of how Iʼm feeling that day! I can go from a band T-shirt and black pants to a bright pink dress and jewels. Iʼm also very passionate about makeup, so itʼs another way I tie my overall look together or, my personal favorite, turning a look on itʼs head. For example, Iʼd pair a baby blue lace dress with a very bold and edgy smoky eye or a leather top in all black with a soft pink look.

TCOS: There is a contentious climate around womenʼs reproductive health and Planned Parenthood, tell me a little about how you became an advocate for women in the fight to control their bodies.

The idea that a womenʼs body and future was not her own to govern, just never sat well with me. Having institutions like Planned Parenthood makes for a safe and educational way for women to, as the name suggests, plan their parenthood. In 2019, 47 states have filled restrictions on abortions, with nearly half being bans. Having these freedoms stripped from women is incredibly scary and heartbreaking, which is why I stand with Planned Parenthood as they continue to fight to protect the right to reproductive freedom. In addition, I think everyone is entitled to proper sexual health. PP does provide women with birth control and abortions but also provides many other healthcare services for all, like STD and cancer screenings. Now is such an important time to protect these vital organizations, because this administration is making it harder for people to access free or low- cost testing and treatment by forcing PP out of Title X.

TCOS: How do you use your platform to spread your message?

I try and get as much information out as possible by reposting and advocating for programs like Planned Parenthood and Womenʼs March. I also dedicate my birthday to ask my followers to donate to PP and March of Dimes. I believe that the more people are educated on these issues, in an inclusive and non judgmental way, the more these messages can take effect. In the words of Ruth Bader Ginsburg “fight for the things you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.”

TCOS: Is there an achievement or contribution that you are most proud of in the fight for womenʼs health?

I am still growing as an advocate for these causes but I would have to say attending and supporting March of Dimes at their gala. I loved that my donation would go toward throwing NICU baby showers and other things to help lift spirits of families in a challenging time. Hearing everyoneʼs stories of heartbreak and triumph in their journey through infertility or premature births truly sparked my desire to take womenʼs health to the forefront.

TCOS: How did you get involved with the March of Dimes?

My sister struggled with infertility for two years and she finally became pregnant with twins. At about 19 weeks, she was diagnosed with cervical insufficiency and she was advised to terminate the pregnancy. My family went out in search of other options and it was through the groundbreaking research of March of Dimes that we were able to learn about a procedure practiced in the U.K that truly saved theyʼre lives. She gave birth at 25 weeks and they were micro-preemies. The information and stories that March of Dimes shared about the NICU and other families that had experienced similar journeys gave us all hope in a scary time.

TCOS: How has this organization changed/impacted you?

Learning that pregnancy-related death in the U.S has more than doubled over the past 25 years, is absolutely jarring. This organization is bringing programs, advocacy, and research that will save lives of the generations to come. Iʼm passionate about spreading their message, because every family deserves the right to feel that same comfort and support my family had. I advocate because this cause, that fights for the health of all moms and babies, is truly my vision of what pro-life should mean.

TCOS: Are there any upcoming projects youʼre excited to share?

Yes! I will appearing in multiple features including “Secrets at the Lake” , “Instafame” and a new HBO Max film. I will also be recurring on an upcoming Netflix show. Be sure to keep a look out when I can drop all the details!

TCOS: What is one fall staple you cannot leave the house without?

I absolutely love a big scarf, it is always a great and easy statement piece. There is nothing better in the fall then a black turtleneck, black skirt, tights, black booties and an extra large black and white houndstooth patterned scarf. Itʼs pretty much my fall uniform!

TCOS: Tell us what being on the cover of ‘The Code of Styleʼ means to you.

Iʼm absolutely honored to be receiving the cover of this innovative magazine. I really appreciate that Code of Style is not just about surface level topics, but really dives into todayʼs issues, inspiring hope and empowerment. I absolutely adore working with this team and canʼt wait to see where it will go. Thank you The Code of Style Magazine!


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