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By: Krystal Leonard von Seyfried, of Crystals with Krystal

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Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, the crystal I’m highlighting is none other than Rose Quartz! The most commonly known pink crystal for healing and the stone of unconditional love. Well known since antiquity for being connected with the vibrations of love through its association with primordial Eros, the Greek God of Love – said to have sprung forth from Chaos. With how chaotic our love lives can get while navigating dating in this modern world, this myth rings true even thousands of years later. Eros is said to have given the gift of love to humans in the form of Rose Quartz, and so many today use Rose Quartz in relation to love, thousands of years later.

My favorite way to heal with this crystal is simple – wearing it! You will always find me with Rose Quartz somewhere on my body. Other than my Obsidian necklace, Rose Quartz is probably the second most important crystal I consider for the health of my auric field. The vibration of Rose Quartz is quite “happy” compared to other crystals – when wearing Rose Quartz, I notice I’m much more cheerful in interactions where I may have been aloof otherwise. This is happening because my heart chakra is opening up to others easier with the Rose Quartz, enhancing my potential for kindness, compassion and most of all, unconditional love not only for myself but for all of humanity. This is why I think Rose Quartz really makes one feel happy – it opens us up for that unconditional love, which is truly the natural state of being for humans. Unfortunately, the distractions of the modern world muddy that truth that which leaves most people in a state of chaotic disarray. We are beings of love first and foremost, and I believe that Rose Quartz helps us get back to that point. 

Another way I like using Rose Quartz is by putting it in the spring water I use to wash my face. I don’t use tap water to wash my face ever since my publicist told me to use spring water instead – the glow you get is incredible, and you actually end up using much less water without the faucet running incessantly. I throw shungite in all of my water for purification, but for washing my face I add Rose Quartz in and let my nightly skincare routine become a mini beautification ritual. Since washing my face mindfully with Rose Quartz infused shungite water, my skin has never felt better and I now look in the mirror and have unconditional love for the face staring back at me. For someone who has struggled with acne and body dysmorphia for years, this is a big deal.

Also, for an extra deep cleansing of the heart (which most people need), I recommend pairing rose quartz with obsidian in particular. Obsidian is like a psychic vacuum and forces deep purging, so combining that with Rose Quartz is amazing for cleansing oneself of old heartbreaks and traumas linked to painful relationships, past and present. Meditating on your heart chakra with these two stones makes for a really powerful, amazing cleansing session.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you’ve learned something new! Get yourself a Rose Quartz and bask in happiness, great skin and most importantly, unconditional love! 

Love yourself, first and foremost.


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