How to Spend a Weekend in Vancouver B.C.

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So, read on to find out more about Vancouver!

Welcome to one of the most metropolitan cities in the world; Vancouver B.C. Canada. This beautiful gem, located on the west coast, boasts a population of over 3 million.

Vancouver offers one of the most scenic skylines in the world. I may be slightly prejudiced (I was raised in the area) but tourists and locals would both agree; the city is a feast of eye candy for all to enjoy.

Travelers looking for a weekend getaway will find endless options to explore nature, world class cuisine, activities and shopping galore.

 Experience the best of Vancouver in a weekend


Where to stay in Vancouver

Vancouver Marriott


The Van Marriott Pinnacle Hotel is my 1st choice for a stay in Vancouver.  The accommodation is conveniently located in the heart of downtown; close to all major attractions and tourist sites. 

This classy hotel offers stunning panoramic views of Coal Harbor and the iconic sites Vancouver is famous for. We stayed on the 28th floor; the night-time views put on a show you won’t soon forget.


The rooms are stylishly designed with all the comforts of home at your fingertips.  A beautiful white robe and slippers will have you in relaxation mode right away!  

Where to shop and eat

Robson Street


Calling all foodies and fashionistas! Robson Street is a world renowned shopping district and go-to destination, for visitors wanting to experience fashion, culture and cuisine.

Put on your walking shoes, blue suede shoes or whatever you have; this street goes on forever. It’s packed with over 100 restaurants, coffee shops and restaurants.  Robson Street is the epicenter of Downtown Vancouver’s shopping district. It’s walkable from the Marriott in ten minutes.  


For breakfast, don’t miss Breke Bakery on Bute Street. The pastries and coffee are fantastic and the atmosphere is lovely. I dined outside on the patio, with a slight morning breeze kissing my face. Bute is a short street off of Robson, for pedestrians only.

Denman Street

Just around the corner from Robson District, is Denman Street. A culinary explosion awaits you. Chinese, Greek, Polish and  more ethnic foodie choices dot the landscape. The smells wafting through the air will have your taste buds on overload. 

Vancouver is known for amazing food. This is just a small sampling of the foodie scene. It would take days to highlight all the yummy dishes on offer. Just ask Siri on your iPhone, and you’ll be good to go.

Must-see tourist attractions

Vancouver BC.JPG

Canada Place

The sight of the majestic white sails will have you in awe for several minutes. After you pick your jaw up off the ground, stroll around this beautiful venue situated on Burrard Inlet.  Canada Place is home to the Vancouver Convention Centre, Pan Pacific Hotel, Vancouver’s World Trade Centre and the Virtual Flight Ride: Fly over Canada. 

Harbor Sea Planes


This is one of Canada’s most authentic West Coast experiences! It’s an incredible way to see where city, mountains and water meet.  A popular choice among tourists; you’ll be flying high and loving every minute.  Imagine breathtaking aerial views of the downtown skyline, and popular landmarks in Vancouver.  The planes also travel to Vancouver Island and other small islands close by. The office on the dock is down the steps from Canada Place.

Stanley Park

 Vancouver Canada.JPG

This park is one of my favorite memories of growing up in Vancouver.  The park is an epic outdoor adventure and offers something for everyone. A bike ride or walk around the seawall is an experience you won’t soon forget. The bikes are available to rent near the Seaplane dock. They can be rented by the hour and are very inexpensive.  The rental office is located underneath the Canada Place plaza. Stanley Park has several activities for kids as well. Puppet shows, a fountain park and aquarium

English Bay

English Bay Vancouver

This is the main bay in Vancouver and is a go to spot for tourists and locals.  The beach at English Bay is crowded in summertime, as Vancouver only stays warm for 2-4 months. Many will swim here when the temperatures soar over 80 degrees. English bay is situated on the west end of Vancouver, next to Stanley Park. The views here are spectacular. 

Believe it or not, there are palm trees downtown Vancouver imagine that! Of course they are not native to the area, but it’s still fun to enjoy a little bit of California in Canada, ha! I’m sure the heat lamps are on full time duty to keep them alive during the cooler months.   

More must-see sights

The Lions Gate Bridge, Granville Island and Capilano Suspension Bridge Park.

It would take months to explore all the outdoor wonders and activities in Vancouver.  There are so many fantastic adventures and sights to discover.

Stay well & I hope we can all get back to traveling soon!

Valerie Hansen

Travel Writer & Photographer, Fashion Blogger ( Maple Leopard : Instagram )

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