October 2019 Horoscope

It's a passionate and possibly a drama-filled month ahead! Take a read and brace yourself this month!

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Because of Mercury and Venus, which are in the constellation of Scorpio and in inconjunction with the Sun – this month brings a wave of negative energy to everyone born in the sign of Aries. This challenging aspect will require you to adapt to the current circumstances and to accept them to avoid unnecessary stress during this month. At the very beginning of the month, for those born in the first half of the Aries sign, Venus will make opposition with your Sun which brings a lot of difficulties to your love life, but this period soon passes and its influence becomes weaker as the month goes on. The sun will also be squared with Saturn, so beware of this aspect as it may cause a dose of pessimism or even anxiety.


Those born in the sign of Taurus will have the opportunity to experience the effects of the trigons their Sun makes with Venus and Mercury, which will be located in the sign of Scorpio during October. This aspect brings great energy that can be well used as a means to fulfill business ambitions, but also to strengthen emotional connections, as Venus, the goddess of love is in this very positive aspect with the Sun. Also, the Sun is an inconjunction with Jupiter during this month so you can expect to have a stronger desire to push beyond your limits, but beware of occasionally not being aware of your own limits!


For people born in the sign of Gemini, the Sun will be in opposition to Jupiter during October. Jupiter will bring the need to push our plan all the way and strive for happiness, while the Sun will give the self-indulgence necessary for Jupiterโ€™s plan to succeed. Be careful about self-restraint as it may lead you to make some risky moves that can easily be avoided. Those born in the first decade of the Gemini sign – in the first week of October – will have a favorable aspect of Venus and Mercury from the Libra sign with their natal Sun. This is a beneficial aspect for both the field of work, communication, but also the field of love and close relationships.


People born in the sign of Cancer, especially in the second half of this sign will experience benefits in the field of work and career, but also in the field of love and friendship a little later in the month, thanks to the trigon the Sun makes with the planet of communication – Mercury, and the planet of love – Venus. Family relationships and everything at home should play out favorably this month. As your sun is in opposition with Saturn during October, this can be a difficult time to express yourself. This aspect can lead to problems with self-esteem as well as feelings of insufficient value. Because of this, you may retreat a little into your inner world or to a place where you feel safe.


For those born in the first half of Leo, a surge of positive energy is expected due to the aspect the Sun has with Mars from Libra. The bad side of the story is that Mercury and Venus are at the same time squared with the Sun, so during this month, for all people born in the sign of Leo (especially those born in the second decan), the advice is to avoid business conflicts and making/signing contracts, as this period can bring financial losses. Likewise, conflicts may arise in the field of love that could even break the relationship due to this negative aspect of the Sun with the goddess of love, Venus. The Sun is also in a positive aspect with Jupiter, the luckiest planet in astrology, which will indeed help Leos overcome these problems caused by these squares.


Lady Luck is smiling to those born in the sign of Virgo, and especially to those born in the first half of it. You will be favorably affected by the sextile of the Sun and Mercury at the beginning of the month, and a few days later, the sextile with Venus will hit you as well, improving decision-making in daily activities related to work, health, and fitness. There will be many beautiful moments in the field of love that can help smooth out the disagreements that could have happened in the previous period. Thanks to the positive aspect of Sun and Saturn, self-discipline, dedication, and responsibility will be emphasized this month. As your Sun is still in opposition with Neptune, you will learn a lot about yourself through your relationships with others and will discover some things about yourself that have been unknown to you for a long time.


Those born in the second decan Libra will feel the strong influence of Mercury and Venus, which will be in conjunction with their Sun at the very beginning of the month. This auspicious period brings a heightened sense of beauty, harmony, and companionship, and should be used to “live your life to the fullest” while it lasts. If you have health problems, this month you will have the opportunity to improve the situation because Jupiter is in a positive aspect with your Sun. This aspect generally also brings growth, both spiritually and materially. As this lucky planet, Jupiter, draws favorable circumstances into your life, now is the right opportunity to make a business move that you have been thinking about for a long time.


Scorpios can finally breathe a sigh of relief during October because both Mercury and Venus will be in their constellation for almost the entire month. If one has to choose, this month is definitely the best of the year for Scorpios. As their Sun is in a favorable aspect with Saturn, their leadership skills will come to the forefront, especially through positions that require the authority of the power to best express themselves and feel most comfortable. This aspect will give you a strong business ethic as well as the necessary patience to succeed. You will have a chance to gain the trust of your superiors.


Your sign is inhabited by Jupiter, the happiest planet in astrology, which finally, after a long time starts its direct movement, which has a very favorable effect on your career, bringing the necessary optimism to carry out business plans. As your Sun is in sextile with Mars, the much-needed confidence, as well as increased energy levels, will contribute to your success this month. People in high positions will especially be fond of you, so if you were planning on seeking a promotion or a raise at work, this is an ideal option that you should take advantage of! Take the initiative, start the project you were putting off, now is your chance!


Those born in the sign of Capricorn, especially in the second half of the sign, will have a sextile of the Sun and the planets from Scorpio – Venus, and Mercury. This is a very positive period for Capricorns and it is advisable to use it as wisely as possible because the beginning of winter brings many troubles for this sign. The problem that arises is the square of the Sun with Mars, which brings combativeness but not in a good way. This aspect brings the need to be always right, to be in the first place, which causes a lot of tension in life. The key is to channel this energy into some creative activities or anything useful, especially in the career field. Start mentally preparing for this, as it will be crucial in overcoming it.


Aquariusesโ€‹ wonโ€™t be able to brag about being overly fortunate. They might feel like nothing is going right for them. The ideas will be many, but they will appear randomly and they will not manage to organize themselves to put these ideas into action. The square of the Sun and Mercury can cause conflicts in the field of work because this aspect also gives you problems with the ability to express yourself, which may lead to misunderstandings. Venus will be in a square with the Sun. This aspect can bring tensions to love relationships, but it can also be your mover that will make you step out of your comfort zone when it comes to love.


People born in the sign of Pisces will be given prosperity this month as Venus and Mercury from Scorpio are in the trine with your natal Sun. This is a favorable aspect for both work and love life. The only problem this month can be Mars from Libra, which is in an inconjunction with the natal Sun. This can bring conflict between personality and desire, as sometimes what you consciously want to do does not agree with your inner desires. When you become aware of this conflict within yourself, the energy that it creates can be channeled into something positive, such as helping other people, which is the best way to balance this aspect and mitigate its consequences.

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