Family Fun Activities in Oak Glen, California!

By Jeffery Robertson, Sr. Editor of Visit So Cal

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Welcome to the first ever issue of Code of Style Magazine! I’m super excited and honored to be sharing my family’s adventures with you in hopes to give readers some fun filled things to do in Orange County and surrounding cities. My wife has a unique talent for finding amazing things to do on the weekends and even weekdays that are close by and super fun for the family.We love our weakens, in fact we call Friday’s “Best Day Ever” because that means we get to go off on local adventure as a family, exploring new places that usually turn out to be pretty darn awesome. We want to share some of these travel tips with you and let everyone in on a few secrete spots that not many people know of that are right here under our noses.

My name is Jeff and I’m So Cal native, born and raised right here in the OC. My wife and I have two kids; our girl is 5 and our boy is 6, we call him lil red. If you have kids and remember this age you will know they have endless amount of energy! Getting them out of the house is super necessary to burn off all that energy. We love finding new things to do and places to go that aren’t too far out of the way. My wife Audrey gets asked daily how she finds all these cool things to do and her answer is always the same; she just looks for it. From Facebook, Instagram, local websites, flyers and any other sources that give out info about upcoming events and activities. (photographer: Paula Robertson)

For this fall issue we will be covering one of our absolute favorite places to visit and it’s only an hour away from the heart of OC. When we post pictures of this place on our social media pages, nobody can believe this is right around the corner from them and they never knew about it! My family is in love with Fall and everything about it, that’s why Oak Glen is our top destination around this time. Just up the street from Yucaipa, Oak Glen is a hidden treasure that not many people know about. They are mostly known for the apple picking, which is amazing, however there is so much more to explore up there. We have been going for years and there are still many places we have yet to visit and check out. For now I’ll talk you through our top 4 stops and what we like to do at each. I’m also letting you in on an exciting Halloween dinner and show that’s for the whole family and not to be missed.Oak Glen is a mountain top town and only takes about 5 minutes to drive through, however each stop has hours of activities to enjoy.

First stop on our list is Snowline Orchard (Instagram is @snowlineorchard). Here you will find a very cool setting of Apple trees surrounding an old world brick house that’s the main store. It feels like you are in another time period with all the cobble stone walk way and brick structures. Inside the store is where you will instantly get a sniff of freshly made Apple Cider Donuts! That’s right!!! These little delicious bites are made fresh to order and go extremely will with the cider slushes they make in house. As you eat the cinnamon spiced donuts and walk around the shop you get to check out all the little fall and Halloween crafts they have to offer. They also have a huge Raspberry field for U-Pick when in season which is typically June-July but because of all the rain we had this year the berry picking is going on right NOW! But every season is donut season right? You won’t be disappointed.

As you move along the charming roads, the next stop on the list is Riley’s Los Rios (Instagram: @rileysatlosrios). This is one of the biggest farms on the mountain and can get a bit crowded in Summer time. They have lots of U-Pick options to choose from and killer BBQ spot on site. I recommend the Tri-Tip sandwich! Mmmmm Hmmmm! They have a huge grassy area in front with picnic tables and plenty of space for the kids to run around. Even though they have many fruits and berries to pick yourself, we actually love going here during the Fall for the awesome corn maze and pumpkin patch. The kids go nuts in the corn maze and I can’t blame them. My wife and I suddenly become 6 years old again, playing Marco-Polo with the kids. We will get lost for hours it seems like but reality only says it’s been a few minutes.

Once exiting the maze you will find yourself deeply immersed in the pumpkin patch. Halloween is arguably our favorite holiday and decorating with pumpkins is a huge deal around our house. They have so many various kinds of pumpkins and tons to choose from here at Los Rios. It’s easy to spend an hour just walking around the patch finding new types of pumpkins you didn’t even know existed. They can be a bit pricey but worth it for the huge variety they have to offer.

A little further up the road is Riley’s Apple Farm. Now they do have an Instagram site but it’s not being managed (IG: @rileysapplefarmoakglen) Riley’s Apple Farm is tucked away off the main road so if you drive too fast you will miss the turn off. Once you pull up you will see a cute cottage where the store is and it’s all surrounded by apple trees. If you’re lucky enough to go at the right time, some of the staff will be out front cooking hot Hoe Cakes. These are delicious cornmeal pancakes hot off the griddle and on a brisk day they take ridiculously good! They have many types of apples to choose from so get a bag in the store and start loading up. Once you get enough apples to take home, here is where we do one of our absolute favorite things to do as a family. Making your own apple cider! Do you know the difference between apple juice and apple cider? Well I didn’t until I got schooled by the cider attendant. So apple juice gets made with water added, and cider is only apples. Noted! They have a super cool station for making your own cider that looks like it’s from the 1800’s. It’s awesome. We poor the apples in the bucket and crank away, pressing the cider out of each apple till the bucket is full. Taste so fresh and crisp you won’t be able to stop drinking it!

Riley’s Apple Farm

Our final stop on the trip up to Oak Glen is our favorite place to visit on the mountain. It’s Riley’s Farm, note the slightly different name than the previous spot. (Instagram: @rileysfarm76) These guys go all out and you will instantly feel like you have been transported back in time. All the employees are representing olden times and almost never break out of character. They have a large area in the front of the property and then an even bigger area in the back.In the front you will see the big white house that resembles something from the colonial days based in Georgia. The restaurant inside is amazing for either for you and a date or the family can go. The food is excellent and the setting couldn’t be more charming.  I recommend ordering the Apple desert!

 My tip is to check their site for upcoming events which they seem to do all the time. From old school battle demos and musket firing to face painting and candle making, you can get immersed in a time that has long been forgotten.Just walking the grounds is super cool and there’s something about the atmosphere that makes you want to put your phones away and just enjoy the culture they embrace.

When you are ready to head up to the back of the property there’s a road to drive that takes you there with a parking lot up top but if you wish to walk it’s only about 5 minutes. Here you will find a cool barn front and center which has the store for all your U-pick fruits and berries. Depending on the season they have plenty of apples, pears, strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries and more. The property is pretty big so take your time looking around. We love picking the pears when they are in season; they are some of the juiciest you will ever eat! They also provide grabbing poles because the pears are typically pretty high up so this helps to get the good ones. Just in front of the barn for the store, they have a stable for sheep. They’re very cool and love all the visitors stopping by to say hello. In the fall the scenery is just amazing, with leaves turning almost every color of the rainbow. The weather is perfect, the people are super friendly and it’s hardly ever crowded.

Because we are totally nuts for Halloween time I’m going to let you in on a little tip that has been an annual tradition of my family for years now. At Riley’s Farm during the months of September and October they have a Return to Sleepy Hallow Dinner and show that’s for the whole family to enjoy. This is such a fun event and I can’t recommend it enough. They do an amazing job with the play and interacting with the audience, making you feel like you are neighbors with Ichabod Crane himself. The food and actives are exceptional as well. From the endless bowls of soup to apple bobbing, pumpkin carving contest, line dancing, and live music! This is such a fun event for anyone looking to dive into the Halloween season.

Before you head down the mountain, be sure to make a quick stop at Moms Country Orchard. (Instagram: @momscountryorchard). They’re another family owned ranch with a free standing store which is one of the most charming stores in all of Oak Glen. They have tons of fresh fruit (picked from their orchards), local honey and cider pops! Those are a huge hit with the kids!!! The hospitality you will get here is so warm and welcoming that you will feel like you’re part of the family.

So there you have it, my top pics for visiting Oak Glen in the fall. I want to thank you all for joining me and my family as we take you places that you may or may not have been. I do hope you get a chance to visit this amazing and charming town and see all they have to offer. You won’t believe just how much you can do up there and I didn’t even have time to talk about the cherry picking, lavender festival, hay rides and much, much more. Go up there and let me know what you liked most, maybe I’ll write about it on the next Oak Glen adventure!Stay locked into The Code of Style Magazine and follow all the incredible people that make it possible. See you on the next adventure! (photographer: Paula Robertson)

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