Self Loving Yourself to Earth-Shattering Self Pleasure

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By Yoni, Senior Editor of Dear BFF

Dear BFF,

Ever since I was mature enough to understand human anatomy, I remember cringing when anything related to sex, orgasms, or nudity would surface while I was around my parents – even my mother. Heaven’s forbid the topic of masturbation arose, I’d want the ground to open up and swallow me – whole. Similar to those Southwest Airlines commercials: Wanna getaway?
Present-day my palms still get considerably sweaty and my heart rate increases to an abnormal rate when these topics surface around my mother. Luckily, when it comes to friends and BFF’s
there’s nothing better than sharing tips on mastering orgasms whether it be explosively blended
orgasms, increasing the intensity of your orgasm with your partner or mastering self-pleasure.
I’m here to guide you on how to employ toys for sensual and mind-blowing experiences without
the help of another person

Hey Beautiful, It’s Time to Orgasm

A lot of us women tend to get in our own way of our orgasms. We’re often guilty of thinking too much and while not feeling sexy enough. Studies have actually shown that accepting our bodies as they are, and not idolizing societal concepts of a “sexy” body is the gateway to true pleasure.
Before we explore the gadgets of indulgence, let’s first accept and affirm that our bodies are beautiful, sexy, and desirable. Besides, practice makes perfect. The more comfortable you are
with your body and how to create pleasure, the easier it is to communicate with your partner

According to Planned Parenthood, “Masturbation can release sexual tension, reduce stress,
help you sleep better, improve your self-esteem and body image, etc…” Sounds like a pretty
easy sell to me.

Does Size Matter?

They say big things come in small packages, and the Hott Love Extreme vibrating bullet is just that. Discreet yet packed with power at 10 functions to diversify and intensify your sensations.
Functions include steady vibrations with varying speeds and pulsating sensations. With all these
functions you’d be surprised how undetectable this bullet is.

This is a classic vibrator that belongs in your bedroom and considering the size perhaps even your purse or pocket. This toy is especially great for beginners as it’s simple and intuitive, while more experienced self “pleasure-rs” will enjoy the advanced vibration speeds and the possibilities of the waterproof feature. At only $14.99 at it’s a worthwhile investment. Battery not included.

I suggest exploring SONA™ at a moderate speed during a warm bath as it’s fully waterproof. If you want to experience heaven while on Earth (or in your bed or bath) then look no further.
According to GQ “For the ultimate experience in luxury, there’s no better pleasure than a LELO.”
For a limited time, SONA™ is on sale at for $69.99 with free delivery. Regular price is
$149.00. Colors include light pink, black and hot pink

It Gets Hot in the G-Spot

Some say there are levels to orgasms. The G-spot orgasm is known to be earth-shattering, but a
blended orgasm with clitoral and vaginal sensations can be easily defined as un-definable.
After experiencing a blended orgasm and your panting for air while descending back into your
own body the closest way to define your experience would be “life-changing.” We learned about the sonic wave sensations from the SONA™ clitoral massager, but how would you like it if I told you SONA™ had a cousin? A cousin that will guide you to the world of blended orgasms? Say hello to SORAYA™. Many of us may not know where our G-spot is located, but SORAYA™ is designed with an angled curve to assist you in reaching it. Once found, pressing the SORAYA™ against it firmly will wake up intense hidden sensations while you switch speeds of the vibration to find what’s perfect for you. Let’s not forget that this is a dual experience with double the pleasure. While your G-spot is going bananas, your clitoris is also activated with the rabbit vibrator. The pattern and intensity are totally defined by the function you choose to use, but whatever you decide will not only be worthwhile, but it’s also possible that SORAYA’s™ G-spot stimulation may lead to female ejaculation. This just keeps getting better!

You can get your hands on SORAYA™ on sale for $191.20 at The regular price is $239.00. Available in colors deep purple, black and hot pink

For the Riders

For all the ladies who love to ride, and want to ride full throttle during their self-pleasure affairs,
there’s a toy especially for you. Using the word “toy” may actually even be an understatement.
The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine is the dream of a woman who loves to be on top and control their clitoral stimulation and sexual experience. Let me explain how this sex machine works.
Imagine the mechanical bulls in the bar that bar patrons hop on, the crowd goes crazy, and then the bull rider is thrown off the bull in 3.5 seconds. The Cowgirl Premium Sex Machine has a
stationary saddle seat where users can attach silicon vibrators (seven to choose from) and ride all night long. Through your smartphone or LED remote you’re able to control the intensity of six vibration patterns up to ten speeds, as well as control the 360 swivel rotation. There’s even an attachment that has a base for vaginal stimulation and anal beads for backdoor action. While riding you’re in total control of your saddle, the intensity, and your orgasm. If you’d really like to have fun, your partner can control the swivel, the vibration, and your orgasm. Giddy up cowgirl!

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